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Are you planning a trip to Europe for your summer holidays this year? 
If so, here are some tips on taking your caravan or motorhome abroad and what to check before you travel:- 
Insurance- to ensure that your car and caravan/motorhome are covered for the duration of your trip. 
Speed limits for the countries you are visiting - so you have some idea of what is expected especially as speed signs can be rare in some areas. Speed limits can be found on the AA site - https://www.theaa.ie/aa/motoring-advice/driving-in-europe/speed-limits.aspx 
Documents – ensure you have all the necessary documents i.e. passport, driving licence, vehicle registration documents, MOT, insurance etc 
What do you need to carry with you in your vehicle - for example in France - Headlamp Converters, Warning Triangle, Spare Bulbs, Hi Viz Vest, GB Sticker & Breathalysers are required. This will differ from country to country – the AA have a great checklist for countries in Europe. 
You and the Law – the laws will differ from country to country so check out what the laws are in the areas you are travelling. In France if the police stop you they will expect you to have all the documents above to present they may also wish to check you have all the required equipment on board too. Legal drink driving limits are lower in France than in the UK too – 0.5 grams of alcohol per litre of blood . More information can be found on the AA site here: 
Planning your route to your destination 
Your first decision will be whether you want to cross the channel by Ferry or Tunnel – the choice is yours – both should be easy to encounter for any competent driver – the difference being with the ferry you get to walk around, relax, and use the facilities on board whereas on the tunnel you will stay with your vehicle. 
On arrival 
Your first new experience will be driving on the right-hand side? Motorways and general roads shouldn’t cause too many issues where as one-way streets may catch you out just remember to keep to the right. Remember to watch out for the speed limits as they will be in KM rather than miles that we are used to. 
Where to stay 
Whether you book a site for the duration of your stay or multiple locations use a reputable site to research what regions you are interested in visiting and the facilities available. Check out the reviews to see what other visitors have said to help to make your decision. One site we found whilst writing this blog was www.eurocampings.co.uk that gives you access to 9937 campsites throughout Europe all inspected by ACSI every year. 
Fancy a trip with memories to last a lifetime – look at https://www.campercontact.com/en/ where you can find a different place to stay each night with over 5000 stops in France alone. 
Whatever you choose - do your research and let your Adventure can start here 
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