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Do you suffer from post-holiday blues? You have had a fantastic holiday – relaxed and kicked back from the day to day routine. Feel refreshed and ready to face the world again. Only to return and find that you feel distressed and disorientated. This feeling is very common and can be easily overcome. Here are a few do’s and don’ts that should get you back on track in no time: - 
Make changes – you may have sat on your sunbed reflecting changes you wanted to make in your life – don’t just put those to the back of your mind and fall back into the normal routine. Plan for how you can start to introduce these changes into your new life. Like the start of a new year it is a great time to reassess and start afresh. So, don’t sit back and accept the way things are if you are not happy with them. Write it down – they say by writing down your intentions you are so much more likely to follow them through. Keep picturing that change and how it will feel – this will motivate you to take the small steps to reach that goal and make that change. 
Plan to catch up with family and friends – get some dates in the diary so you have things to look forward to. Spending time with your loved ones and reflecting and reliving your holiday will help you to feel more upbeat and grateful. 
Unpack straight away and put your suitcase back in the loft – a constant reminder of that empty case and what has gone. 
Start planning your next trip – think about where you want to go to on your next holiday, what did you love about this holiday that would need to feature in your next one. Feeling excited about your next holiday even if it is 12 months away will help you to focus your attention on something to look forward to. 
Scroll social media - If you are really struggling, try and refrain from spending too much time scrolling through your social media feeds to see your friends still away on their holidays – this may make you feel worse – give social media a short break until you are feeling better. 
Go back to work the next day - If you have travelled to a different time zone and jet lag is an issue going straight back to work is not going to help you. Try and ensure that you book an extra couple of days to get your sleep pattern back to normal before returning to work. If you have done this, perhaps next time you book you will plan to travel on a Friday, so you have the weekend to recover before returning to work. 
Post-holiday blues are normally short lived and before you know it you will be back to your fun-loving self. 
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