Get the low down on caravan, camping and motorhome travel

New to caravanning, camping or motorhome travel and need the low down on what goes down – here are one or two tips to help make your experience a good one

When towing your caravan or camping trailer you may feel king of the road but try and be courteous to fellow drivers, the same applies to your motorhome. Pay attention to your towing mirrors - is someone keen to get past you or do you have a queue of traffic behind you? If so, take a minute to pull over when safe to do so to allow them to pass.

On arrival, onsite – check in at the reception and find your pitch – take care to park within your allotted area and not encroach onto your neighbours. Respect the general 6 metre rule between caravans that most good caravan sites offer. Try to be aware of this when walking around the site too and respect people’s privacy.

In our experience, we find our fellow campers very helpful and keen to lend a hand if you are struggling putting up your awning or if you have forgotten an important piece of kit – most are more than willing to lend a hand or a spare if they have one to assist.

Saying hello to your immediate neighbours on arrival will get you off on the right track as you are going to be living in very close proximity for the duration of your stay – who knows you may be friends by the end of your holiday.

If you are very sociable and outgoing and want to get in on all the action then joining a camping, caravan or motorhome club will be for you. They arrange regular meet ups at various locations where you can make new friends and join in on all the organized activities.

If this is not for you and you prefer to keep yourself to yourself then you can have that too. In this case choose your pitch wisely – think if you want to be close to the facilities then be prepared for a stream of people walking past your window.

Living for a week or two in a small confined place with family or friends can have its disadvantages. However, choose the right site for you, and your children can have the freedom to explore within your set boundaries and give you some child-free time to relax which a packaged beach holiday may not give you.

If you are a dog owner use the designated dog walking areas and observe any signs where you must keep your dog on its lead. Try and keep your dog under control always and be mindful of your neighbours who may not be used to dogs or the noise. You know your dog and what may distract/upset them so manage this as best you can to alleviate any potential complaints from your new neighbours.

When you come to the end of your holiday make sure that you clear all rubbish and waste from your pitch in the designated waste area. Leave your pitch clear and tidy.

We hope this blog was helpful and given you one or two tips to try out


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