Protect the money invested in your car, caravan or motor home

When you decided to invest in your car, caravan or motor home, the chances are you either used your hard earned savings or took out finance on the vehicle. Either way the decision to buy no doubt took careful consideration and thought before taking the plunge.

So how can you protect your investment so that when the time comes to trade it in for a newer one or simply sell it you don't lose all that hard earned cash.

1. Take out insurance. On the News or social media you will regularly read stories of Cars, Caravans or Motorhomes being taken off people's drives or from storage facilities. Insure for the correct amount so should the worst happen you are not out of pocket.

2. Warranties- check what the dealership warranty covers and also what the manufacturer covers you for. There may be additional covers available to you on purchase that meet your needs so check them out to avoid disappointment later.

3. Keep up regular checks and servicing and get your books stamped and dated to start building a history of the vehicle. This will also help to maintain the value of the vehicle.

4. Keep up regular repairs - as something goes wrong - get it repaired or replaced. It's surprising how leaving a few small things can soon lead to a big bill to fix in no time.

5. Take care and respect your vehicle- it's home from home so, like you would at home, take off your shoes, use mats or runners to protect carpets. Shut blinds when not in use to protect interior from fading and sun damage. Give it a good clean after each use and always empty and rinse the toilet cannister.

6. Look after the exterior of your vehicle - paintwork soon fades from exposure to sun light, pollution etc. Regularly waxing and polishing of the paintwork will protect the vehicle and keep it looking new for longer. Tar off the roads can damage the paintwork we sell products to remove this.

7. Storing your vehicle- consider the environment your vehicle is parked in, close to trees, tree sap can wreak havoc with your paintwork. Again we have products to remove this too.

8. Invest in protective covers- you can buy caravan and motorhome covers, covers for the jockey wheel and tyres. All these small things will make a huge difference to the longevity of vehicles. Little tip if you use cling film on your windows before applying the cover this will reduce risk of scratching windows when movement of cover occurs.

9. At the end of season when you have finished using it ensure you drain water from all the pipes to avoid frost damage over the winter. Leave the water valves and taps open. Disconnect the battery and all gas pipes etc. Defrost fridge and leave door ajar.

We hope this blog has been useful to you. At Arnchem we have a range of products to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. Furthermore if you don't have the time or don't want to - we can carry out regular valets for you. We have just opened a new valeting bay in Ashby de la Zouch in.Leicestershire where you can bring the vehicle to us. For a quote or to book call 01530 274631 or email

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