Time for a spring clean?

In just 2 weeks the clocks will go forward and the light nights will return. Time to think about spring cleaning your car, caravan or motorhome for the forthcoming season. So here are some tips on a few of the products we offer.

You may have seen all the different products we have on offer and those available on the market today – spoilt for choice – here are some tips on when to use them and what to use them on:-

Motorhome And Caravan Dry Wash Cleaner

Is your caravan sited on a grass pitch – if so it may be difficult to give it a clean using traditional soap and water application. Motorhome And Caravan Dry Wash Cleaner enables you to clean off dirt, grime, road film, bird droppings and even tough dirt without the use of water.



Are the rubbers and plastic surfaces of your caravan or motorhome looking dull or dirty. Bring them back to life with Multisheen to achieve a long lasting high sheen


Cutting Wax

As with car paintwork that goes dull over time the same happens with your caravan or motorhome. You may invest time polishing your car or having it done by a professional. The same can be done to your caravan/motorhome. Our Cutting Wax will restore old, dull or oxidised paintwork. It also removes surface scratches and returns a high gloss finish. It is suitable for use on all paint surfaces


Cream Glass Polish

Don’t miss out on the great views from your caravan or motorhome – keep your windows clean with our Cream Glass Polish, a polish based product for the professional cleaning and polishing of glass. A unique blend of solvents ensures that surfaces are smear free and sparkling clean.


Brake Dust Dissolver

Keep your wheels clean using our Brake Dust Dissolver. This bleeding cleaner dissolves all brake dust and iron contaminants. Its unique PH balanced formula makes it safe to use on most surfaces.


Dash and Cab Floor Dressing

Dust and dirt collects on the dash board area of your cars and motorhomes. Our bubblegum fragranced Anti static Dash and Cab Floor Dressing is ideal for use on plastic, leather or vinyl surfaces to remove dirt and leave them clean and fresh.


Want to see what other products we have available for your car, caravan or motorhome hop over to our shop

Don't have the time to do it yourself then why not book in one of our Caravan or Motorhome Valets. Our Valeting Bay is located in Ashby De La Zouch in Leicestershire - view our packages

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