June is 'Great Outdoors' Month

We have been blessed so far this year with some great sunny days and as June is Great Outdoors Month we thought we would share with you some great ideas and fun things to do Outdoors:-

  1. Have a picnic

  2. Go for a bike ride

  3. Visit a national heritage site

  4. Visit a fun fair

  5. Head to the beach

  6. Camp out in the back garden

  7. Attend a Music Festival

  8. Visit a pub beer garden

  9. Hire a day boat on the canal

  10. Read a book or magazine on your patio and relax

  11. Attend local free community events

  12. Play crazy golf

  13. Watch a Drive in Movie

  14. Visit tourist sites in your own town

  15. Grow your own vegetables

Whatever you decide - Enjoy the summer and have fun!

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