About ArnChem Effective Valeting



ArnChem Effective Valeting have many years' experience  preparing motorhomes and caravans at all the major dealerships up and down the United Kingdom, with our Nationwide coverage and experienced and skillful staff.

All our staff are employed and fully-trained to our high standard. 


We recognise that having the continuity of staff throughout your business and ours is paramount. 


We also have a floating team to cover sickness and holidays and management support for each account.



There are many benefits to contracting out your valet service. Indeed, over the years there has been a sustained increase in the number of garages outsourcing their valeting needs.


The benefits of outsourcing:


  • Potentially considerable cost-savings, where you only pay for work completed rather than full-time salaries.

  • Scaleable support, where the number of valeters on site at any time can be increased or decreased to match fluctuating demands.

  • Improved quality of service with quality control.

  • Greater business efficiencies, removing responsibility from your team so they can focus on their core roles. 


What's more, we've helped many dealerships make a smooth transition and enjoy the benefits. We're experienced and committed to the principles of TUPE and will work with our clients to ensure a professional and compassionate change-over is delivered. 

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